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Profession progression!

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I feel like it would be a lot of fun if the professions had some sort of leveling system to them. So, for example, a brand new chef shouldn't be able to cook the same meals as someone who's been one for a while.

Suggestion 1: Lock higher tiered meals behind a level. "To cook Cactus Juice you need to be level 10".
Level 1 Chef can cook meat, and you gain XP from cooking it until you hit level 10. From that point on, you need to cook higher level meals to progress ETC ETC.

Suggestion 2: Give chef's a low chance to create "Rare" meals. For example, if I'm cooking 100 meats, I could end up with 97 cooked steaks + 3 rare cooked steaks, which would heal for a bit more HP.

Different crafter upgrades like Black / Cursed could also be locked behind a certain crafter level.

Medic could have something like Nin Online's "Jutsu leveling system" for their heals. Healing X amount of people would upgrade their heal in some way. Maybe less energy cost? More healing? An extra tick of healing? Longer reach on the healing? Or maybe even give them an option. Once they hit like 500 uses on their heal, they have an option to choose an upgrade for the skill. Like choosing one of these things. Maybe turning the skill into an AoE? Longer reach? Being able to cast it while running but for a lower amount of HP?

Just some ideas to making the profession system more fun!

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Honestly I find your ideas quite Interesting tho.

But there are a few things that I like to add:

For what I understand in your 1st suggetion, is that you basically implement diffrient levels for proffessions (meaning it could have the possibility like in Final Fantasy 14, where u could do everthing just each has their own levels u need to level separately, or just lock it like now but have the fighter and crafter proffession at diffrient levels).

For your 2nd suggestion I would not call it "Rare" meal but a form like of ("High*er" Quality cooked Steak). Altho the Rare Meal gave me thinkin bout some cooking recipies that you could "learn or find" in the game and then learn it as cooking techniques (just not with Soul Energy. Because cook and crafter dont use Techniques they learn it with Soul Energy).

So for your Final suggestion pls no Ninonline skill lvling system!!!
I hated that one so bad, and basically you could make a diffrient one with your 1st suggestion. Make it in a combo!! When lvling Cook Crafter or Healer (same goes for the fighter proffessions), you also be given Certain "dayli jobs?", and maybe some "WEEKLY jobs", that is specialized only for the proffession and gives them "Proffession xp" for example "your recieved 400 Medic Proffession xp". Also when reaching certain levels in the proffession, you will get some "special jobs/unlocking jobs/Learning job", that will unlock certain abilities or things to craft (for the skills we could still use some kind of Soul Energy that is like "Soul Memory" which after learning, the player absorbs the Teacher npc soul thats beeing Transfered from him (after quest completion and for a better Picture just Imagine Skyrim and the Greybeards where they give you some shouts!) to Memorize the Procedure of doing what that skill is (like you trained in a dojo or shooting range/helping the medic on surgery or something the crafter/cook npcs(possibility for more proffessionals like with fighter proffession in hajiwari and Rhum village) tell you how u craft certain things while you also do it (this could also make for a Crafting mini game tbh).


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It would need a lot of rework to implement the 2 suggestions. We may consider it more in depth later on when the game will be more stable.

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