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  • 2 weeks later...

Boss chests always give berries now!

Min. berries they give: boss level divided by 2. Max: boss level.


Happy Halloween guys and thanks for your support! A World Blessing of 3 days has just started!

Hopefully mid-November and December is going to be fire for Pirate Souls! We have interesting stuff coming up! Here is a preview of the Smoke Soul Fruit boss!


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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Added Auto Event & Diamond Chests

Added 2 automatic events that will be held every day: Find the Spy and Diamond Chests.
Marines' Fortress Bank Race can now be activated.
You can buy Stats Reset for each stat in the Event Shop at Marines' Fortress.

You can now get free Diamonds with the Diamond Chest event.


A preview of the bank race  



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  • 3 weeks later...

New update live! We added some invasion events. Mobs get inside a city for example boars in Hajiwari City. Mobs give +5 % exp during those events. Le us know if you have any feedback!

Hajiwari City Invasion auto event
Hajiwari Village Invasion auto event
Rhum Village Invasion auto event

Decreased Coyotes and Angry Desert Eagles blink step cast time. 750 => 625 ms
Decreased Roseo Heal cooldown. 40 => 35 sec.
Reduced Throwing Knife and Advanced Throwing Knife scaling with agility.
Reduced Basic Blowgun and Pocket Gun scaling with aim.

Hidden Spy and Diamond Chest auto events now have more precise hints and additional locations. Note: You can target the spy and the chest.
We improved some maps like Hajiwari Village and Rhum Village



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The King of Smoke "Smo" is back and he wants to invade Marines' Fortress with his ghosts. Deal him 1000 damages to get a reward when he dies. Kill him to get a very valuable chest he hides inside his body.

Smo King Invasion is a new Auto Event that will happen every week-end at Marines' Fortress. It will be the chance for high levels to get their hand on the brand new Smoke Soul Fruit.


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Happy holidays everyone! 🥳 This year was a big year for Pirate Souls. Thanks for your support. It's really appreciated. Hopefully all of you will enjoy the coming days.


Holiday Gifts
During the holidays period, 6 gifts will spawn every 15 minutes. They will always contain, event ticket, berries and exp. If you are lucky, they may also contain some keys or soul energy.

Get 20 of them to receive an exclusive achievement!



Event Shop
3 new items have been added to the Event Shop: Short Dreads Colors Hairstyle, Gold Sunglass, and Silver sunglass.



Cash Shop
Up to 30 % discount on Diamonds.
2 new items have been added to the Cash Shop: Short Dreads Hairstyle and Yama Hairstyle.


Thanks again for your support!

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