secret locations, low lvl exp tips. no spoilers.


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those caves sure seem interesting thru out the game, almost worth checking the nooks and crannies of... 

if the leveling comes almost to a halt, two major possibilities , 1, you are not making a good build, try a pure build if you are struggling. 2. you arent where you should be.  boars are the start, savage boars are for large groups of new guys, not intermediate solos, there are better mobs out there more dangerous to reach hence the savage boar balance, pirates, south of haji, south of boars, east across bridge, east of s.e town is the lvl 12 boss, west of him where u came , south is mountain boss and pirates, piratesgang up but its actually helpful, attract aggro with a basic attack, aoe aoe collect. do mt boss when he appears , ect. 

go marines, dont try swordsman, theyre skills hurt. ghost step them, use ranged helpers ( throwing knife, bambo w wooden balls and pistol all help ) chip away, be patient and reap the benies. 

birds. when marines begin to slow move on to birds. you will get alot of your pvp training here. think of birds like de3cent lvl players with ranged and melee and a decent mind, green birds can blink meaning they can and will follow you across gaps, be careful no where on bird map is safe, there are ways to make birds easier but focus on killing one bird at a time. birds will drop your first rare weapon chance, double eagles, they are very good lvl 30 ranged weapons. sell for about 3500. they are very rare and drop 1/3000 or so. doesnt mean it cant be your first bird tho ! got two within 10 min of each other. 

soul energy. the higher the lvl mob the higher the chance of drops, tho the math isnt exact the pure number of chances at BATS makes that locations very lucarative how ever it is a exp sink , its not a place to be when ya need to lvl except perhaps a 1.5x and even then why waste it. birds are ok, youll end up with so many feathers that you can just buy soul energy off higher ranked players, at a certain point aside from power alts soul energy hard caps at about lvl 35 when its no longer need unless you went fruit. if you went fruit youll need more than ya did for your original skills. see the skill trainer east of haji. 

coyotes. fk man fkn coyotes, the bane of waiting out cooldowns, if ya have an alt to check the door its best but it rly sucks to have to run back two haracters at a time when one inevitably dies getting ganged by 8 coyotes... they camp the door, they are south and east of birds, eastof dry way. they are truly difficult solo until you have the stats to tank mistakes and dole out enough damage to get it over quick. stuns are your best bet and try to do 2 at a time, the exp is nice and justifies the death risk. 

stay near tuco entrance in the south east of the map, it allows a place to run without aggro mobs behind it. 

tuco. how do you want your stuns served ? drops sunglasses and potentially keys. has a tree on map rops a special leaf item used in cooking, also has a rare chest. 


will add and edit as the days go on and implement my pics and the guide i started at home. got bored. 

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