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full fighter has a multitude of advantages over swordsman, of course vice versa depending on playstyle. 

the full fighter can hit, stun, hit hit hit combo, stun, hit hit, skill, run, skill, run skill ect almost anything to death. 

full fighter is a very advantageous pvp build because of the ability to stun multiple dif opps within about 1.5 seconds. 

stun, hit, tab next target, teleport hit, tab last target, blink, skill run. its tough but it keeps two guys stunned and in that time you blasted off several skills. one of them a 1 tile aoe so ya might nail two with a single stun setting you up for a freebie a three stun combo. 

this build requires a significant amount of energy for two purposes, the obvious need for several cooled combos, as well as a decent passive regen when running out timers and unable to stop and charge, usually against swordsman. 

this build also requires very high agility in order to deliver the absolute max amount of power with the limited hits, but relying so much on basic melee attacks to stunned foes means its indispencable. 

bosses are tough but significantly more manageable compared to a sharpshooter or a similarly mixed fruit fighter. the stuns and agi boosting buff truly adds quite the bite, if you can keep most bosses stunned and can get enough melee hits in you can do it. having a fire user or rubber user with you, bosses will go down fast, if you have ice with you you can do bosses at a lower lvl due to the obscene amount of stuns. 

6/10 pvp , 6/10 pve 5/10 bosses 

major con. no fighter knuckles means your damage is what it is at your agility, the agi buff certainly helps, even more so than a sm buff on most weapons , however, its limited and the cooldown is a century long so you better nail it and get lucky. 

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