Rubber fruit.


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at full willpower build. 140 wp, most attacks top around 80-100 

50 50 agi is unplayable, your melee will do 20ish, your skills 40ish or so. depending of course. non viable. 

3 shots are mobile, they do a combined 300 or so, 10 sec cools. 

0 melee, 0 ranged minus the length of the arms. 

lose a single dash or mis dash you will lose ur only shot to do damage before being stunned. 

this build gives 1,2 stuns. 2 if you count rope. 

this build works well on birds if you can move. 200 energy practically required. get ur health as close to 1000 by 50. 

not for the feint of heart. it will kill your pvp same lvl ability 1v1 but makes for a mid range sharpshooter flying around guys smacking. 

its ok, 8/10 pve , 2/10 bosses, 3/10 pvp. 

(low scores on pvp and bosses do to lack of multi skill combos with fast rcharges to do actual damage for soloing, as well as lack of stuns makes any 1v1 skewed on their side and any 2v1 practically unwinnable. 

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