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Hello everyone, we are glad to announce that this Sunday, the 24th July 6 PM UTC, will be the first Marines Promotion event! Marines will have the occasion to show their value and maybe, become the next Admiral, Vice Admiral or Rear Admiral of The Marines!

Pirate Souls - Marines Promotion Event

At the end of the event, 2 Admirals, 5 to 10 Vice Admirals and some Rear Admirals will be chosen. Admirals and Vice Admirals will have the power to promote or demote other members of The Marines. We hope it will encourage role play.

Every marine can participate to the promotion! If you cannot participate this Sunday, you will have another chance as we will organize another promotion. Once both promotions will be done, we will organize another event to select the Fleet Admiral among the Admirals.

How will the event be?
We will test your intellect in Hajiwari Formation Center.
Then, you will have to deliver a special item to Marines’ Fortress Bank.
After that, a tournament will conclude the promotion.

Evaluation will be based on role play, tests performance and PVP tournament.

More details will be given once the promotion will start!

Pirate Souls - Marines' Fortress Bank

What about pirates?
If some pirates want to make it hard for the marines during the promotion, they are welcome to try to block them from delivering the special item to Marines’ Fortress Bank.

That being said, something will be coming for pirates later on!

Marine special ranks info
Fleet Admiral – 1 position – can promote
Admiral – 4 positions – can promote
Vice Admiral – 20  positions – can promote
Rear Admiral – 50 positions – cannot promote

See you this sunday!

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