Training Limited By Cooldowns


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I've been struggling to enjoy the level 30+ gameplay for a couple of small reasons, and I want to make a discussion thread to see what kind of ideas we can come up with to remedy the causes.

When fighting enemies in order to level up, you must burn most/all of your skills in order to kill one mob. This means that you have to wait until your skills come off of cooldown to be able to fight another mob. This severely limits training speed, and with low experience rates means that gaining levels is monotonous.

This is the compounded by taking damage, which means you need to wait for your auto heal to kick in.

I don't want to leave this, which I think is a huge problem and will deter many players who get to this stage, without any solutions. So here are a couple of suggestions that we can talk about prior to making an actual "Idea" on the topic.

* Note: These ideas are just ideas, and need to be fleshed out in this thread prior to actually suggesting a real idea in the ideas section.

  1. Highlight what the player is working toward more clearly, and give something to work toward for each level gained.
    • This will provide players with more drive to continue training up to the next level.
    • Skill points alone don't solve this, as the difference they make over 1 level is not enough to feel a change.
    • Some sort of reward for leveling up outside of skill points might help incentivize hitting the next level.
  2. Provide a lower experience, easier to kill set of mobs.
    • This will give players something to kill that is lower risk, and takes less time between each mob kill.
    • Players will use fewer skills, but still kill the mobs in a timely fashion.
    • Drops can be calibrated so that the more difficult mobs for the level have nicer rewards than the easier mobs for the level.
  3. Implement some sort of cooldown clear, or better health regeneration.
    • This is less feasible, because it affects all mobs and would also affect pvp.
    • I would not say this is a good idea.

If I had to choose, I would be on the side of increasing mob diversity and making more options for training overall.

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Another idea I'd like to posit that might work (but would need fleshing out), would be changing the passive healing so that you constantly heal (no wait period), but the amount you heal goes quicker the longer you,re out of combat.

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I see your point. I feel like the idea that would fit the best what we want for the game is the first one: "Highlight what the player is working toward more clearly". I believe what would really help is a main quest with a story that will last all the player journey until level max. So there will always be that quest to motivate the player to evolve.

I already have some ideas and will start working on that quest once the game will be more stable.

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