Auto Aim is too overpowered NERF

Kuroi Yeldo

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Tittle Auto Aim currently it's broken, it doesnt just help you aim better BUT it makes impossible things possible as for example what I have attached.

For example devil dash you throw your knife forward and any enemies you hit, you stun them and teleport to them and thats fine. BUT with Auto aim on, that is not longer 1 tile, it can be even 3 tiles and you can even face the wrong position. Auto Aim is only meant to  help NOT to do everything for you. This massively boosts some abilities not just making them easier to hit but BROKEN. Devil dash becomes a teleport instead of a projectile with this feature on.
Also Devil Dash becomes piercing/hits multiple opponents if they are lined up together with auto aim on, unlike if you have it off you just hit one enemy. 

Please fix Auto Aim.

(The picture below shows auto aim feature that normally it shouldnt be possible, landing devil dash without auto aim from that position, whilst with auto aim it works.)


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