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Hello everyone! Today we worked on a lot of big updates to make sure that the new players experience is as smooth as possible and that every specialization looks appealing!
It is important to understand that we are building an open world PVP game where we want team works to play an important part. But for an open world pvp game where team work is important, it is obvious that people who want to play alone to relax a little bit might have a hard time enjoying the game. So we added a new feature called Peace Mode!


Peace mode will allow anyone to completely go out of combat for 1 hour, and then wait 2 hours to go in peace mode again.
Once Peace Mode is enabled, the person won't be able to go out of that mode until his timer is over, and he won't be able to do PVP either.

We believe this change will allow people who enjoy PVE to have some time where they can enjoy the game while still keeping the open world aspect of Pirate Souls.


A content update will come really soon to reward people who do PVP in danger zone.


We realized that the sniper specialization was underwhelming compared to the other professions so we buffed their weapons, and increased the travel speed of the metal balls.
We are very open to suggestions concerning every specialization, but we are not ready to change techniques yet since the PVP is in a very young stage (no one is level max).


Marine fortress will be the end game area for now. Where players will be able to do events and pvp starting with the bank race event!
We plan on adding a big alliance/Faction battle event soon too, once the new player experience is very positive!



Fixed some bugs, not that interesting to players tho!

More content coming soon. And keep in mind that we are very open to suggestions in the idea section of the forum:



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