Update-Crash after 3-5 minutes of Gameplay


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So, talked to Shenmue about the issue already, but I thought its good to have it written here as well.
Everytime I start playing, the game runs fine (apart from the terrible performance itself). After about 3-5 Minutes of doing my Quests, socializing or what ever, the Game stop's sending me Updates/Packages? See it as a seperated Layer ontop of the actual game.

I can still interact with people, chat with them, attack enemies, change maps. But it won't happen on my screen. If I try to move to other corners of the map, I only see the void. Black edges. 



^ Me trying to move from the top left corner to the bottom left corner of the map.


It's not a disconnect. I also added the Game to the firewall, deactivated the Antivirus, checked for missing files, reinstalled the game, tested a different machine, it keeps happening. Not sure if it's my account or the client being wonky on me.

Hope it helps, good luck for the future.

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