Uuh, disconnect/client connection error


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Hey, I know the title is a bit wonky, but that's because the problem is tough to explain since I don't have much to work with.
The issue existed on release of the game for me already, we tried to figure out how to fix it (sadly the topic on discord was removed so I can't pull up the logs, checked for them).

What I know: After some patches, the issue was gone. I was able to play smoothly without any issues for quite a while, but when I started playing again (yesterday) I had exactly the same issue.


Now to explain the issue:
I play for 5-10 Minutes completly fine, no ping issues, no graphic issues. & suddenly I can't attack things anymore, interact with anything or move past map chunks, because it wont load. It's just fixed if I restart the entire client, for another 5 to 10 Minutes.
I checked the logs and didn't see an error listed up there either, ping was completly fine too.


This is me being stuck in the map chunk, once the client decides not to load anything anymore. :3


I couldn't find a similar issue on the bug reports of the forum, so I decided to create this topic and hope there might be a fix O:
Thank you in advance.

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