Pirate Souls 1 Year Birthday Bash!


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Ahoy there, fellow sailors!
Can you believe it? It's been a whole year since Pirate Souls set sail on Steam. We've been hard at work, and boy, do we have some exciting news to share! Here's a taste of what's been added to the game so far, and trust me, this is just the tip of the iceberg:

    • We've spruced up the early levels to make your journey even more thrilling.
    • Embark on brand new quests that will challenge even the most seasoned pirates.
    • Discover a treasure trove of new items to enhance your arsenal.
    • And that's not all! We've introduced the mysterious Smoke Soul Fruit! Master jaw-dropping new techniques that will leave your enemies quaking in their boots.


But wait, there's more!
We've also developed exciting new features that guarantee long-lasting enjoyment, including:
    • An Auto Events system that will keep you on your toes.
    • A Mob Gears system to help you gear up for battle.
    • A Referral System that rewards you for bringing your shipmates along for the ride.
    • Plus, we've made countless small improvements to make your gaming experience smoother than ever!




Will of Freedom
By the way, the game's official soundtrack, "Will of Freedom," is now available on popular streaming platforms like Spotify. So, even when you're not battling fierce enemies or exploring uncharted lands, you can still immerse yourself in the captivating melodies of Pirate Souls!



Exclusive Green Soul Bandana
To celebrate this momentous occasion, we're throwing a Birthday Gifts Auto Event for one week! Keep a sharp eye out, as six special gifts will spawn every 15 minutes. If you're lucky enough to find them, you'll receive the exclusive Green Soul Bandana, adorned with the original Pirate Souls logo. But that's not all – these gifts are packed with Event Tickets, Berries, Experience, and more!



We're cranking up Drop Luck
But that's not the only surprise we have in store for you. For the whole week-end, we're cranking up Drop Luck. Prepare to be amazed as every mob drop gets a boost! The rarer the drop, the closer it gets to a staggering 150% bonus. And even the more common drops (20%) will be rocking a cool 125% bonus.

Stunning new hairstyles
To add some extra flair to your pirate style, we've stocked up the Event Shop with two fabulous new items: the trendy Smoke Hairstyle and the sleek Black Soul Bandana. And for those looking to make a splash in the Cash Shop, we've got some stunning new hairstyles in store – the bold Spike Hairstyle, the elegant Curvy Hairstyle, the enchanting Mina Hairstyle, and the sassy Keimi Hairstyle.


And as a special treat, we're giving you a 10% discount on all diamond purchases over $5. So go ahead, splurge a little!


So, what are you waiting for? Come join our epic birthday party and set sail with us once again in Pirate Souls! Adventure awaits!

Thanks for playing!

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