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Some players are unable to play the game because their client crashes. When looking inside the error log file, the error message is "Failed to create graphics device." It means that the graphics card in its current state does not support the features required by our client. This error is from within MonoGame, a library Pirate Souls use for graphic rendering, audio playback, and input (keyboard/mouse) recognition. More information here:

Below are the solutions to try.

First, try to update your graphic card from your device manager.
You can follow the device manager section of this tutorial:

If it doesn't work and you have Intel HD Graphics on Windows 10, follow the driver patch tutorial below.
It worked for some players. However, it is at your own risks because it's not an official application. More information here:

  1. Download and extract this:
  2. Run the application and make sure to patch. The password is "iaccepttherisks"
  3. Restart your computer (not a shut down, but a restart).
  4. Launch Pirate Souls after the computer restart.

If you still have that error message after applying the solutions above, sadly I don't know any more fix...

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