QoL (part 1)


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This is not really a suggestion it just a list of some small things I think will make life a little bit better when playing the game.

1) Toggle Run log Memory: I would like when I log out of the game and log back on, my character run toggle don't go back to walk, I don't think I should have to push the toggle run so much times in a game if I'm not RPing.

2) HUD adjustment Memory: Their is not much to adjust in the HUD but for the little you can move about I would like when I log out it stays right where I put it the last time I logged in.

3) Self Trading System: Their should be better way to trade items to your other character on the same account without having to drop the items on the ground where someone can pass and pick it up or the login can lag and the items can just de-spawn and I almost lost 24 hours of work this way 2 weeks ago.

4) Longer De-spawn time: Items de-spawn too fast on the ground, its like 30sec for it to be claimed my anyone and like 30 more sec it stays there which is like 60 secs total, well that's how short it feels to me.

5) Multi Hotkey Function: I would like to set more than one thing to the same hotkey to make life a bit easier, something like charge energy and pickup as the same key.


This is just some of the things that I think will add to the gaming experience and not take away anything from anyone because it don't hinder anyone in anyway also people can add what they think can be added to this list which none hindering QoL things.

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