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Hello everyone, welcome to our latest roadmap. We're excited to share our plans for the coming months and the features that we're working on to improve the game and to enrich your gameplay experience. As always, we value your feedback and suggestions, and we're committed to delivering a game that meets and exceeds your expectations. So let's dive in and take a look at what's in store for Pirate Souls in the next months !


Cosmetic Slots
This week, we added a new feature to the game - cosmetic slots for equipped items. This will allow players to customize the appearance of their characters without affecting their stats or abilities. We added a new interface for players to access the cosmetic slot and we will make adjustments to the inventory system to accommodate this new feature by adding bags that will contain extra slots.


Mob Gears
We will complete the mob gears system. All mobs in the game will now have a gear that players can loot and use for to have extra stats. We will add a new crafter NPC that will allow everyone to craft gears (even non crafter). Crafters will be able to destroy gears to obtain note sheet parts.

Main Story Line
We plan to add a main story line so players with new quests to enhance the player experience. The new quests will help players to progress through the story and unlock new areas and features in the game. If you want to help us with the creation of new quests, feel free to reply to this post with your suggestions of story. It will be very appreciated!

Referral System
A referral system is definitely something needed. We want to reward players for inviting new players to the game. This system will give rewards such as in-game currency or rare items to players who successfully invite new players to the game.


While we're excited to bring new features to Pirate Souls, we also want to ensure that they're implemented properly and with the best possible user experience in mind. As such, some of the features we have planned may take some time to develop and fully integrate into the game. We appreciate your patience as we work to create the best possible gaming experience, and we're confident that the end result will be worth the wait.

Due to time constraints, some of the planned features may not be completed for 2023, so we will provide brief summaries of those that are unlikely to be finished this year.


Improve Professions
We want professions to be more engaging and complex. We plan to do so by adding quests tied to professions and a levelling system.

Achievement Titles Bonus
Each title will give players a specific bonus, such as increased experience gain, bonus stats, etc.

Arena Battles
We plan to add an arena system that will allow players to compete against each other in PvP battles. This system will have different modes, such as 1v1 and team battles.

Skill Tree
We would like each technique to have a skill tree. It will allow players to choose and unlock new abilities, passive bonuses, and perks as they progress through the game. The skill tree system will provide players with more customization options and enhance the overall player experience.


Thanks for your continued support throughout our early access development journey. We couldn't have made it this far without your feedback and encouragement! Don't forget, if you want to give ideas for the main story line or new quests, feel free to do!


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On 6/3/2023 at 6:44 PM, JunPachi said:

i want to help with the questline for the story as i love writing lil short novels/stories growing up so i can come up with some cool quest if given a theme to go off of @Shenmue

Thanks @JunPachi!

Here's the basis of our main story if you want to write something.

There was a war many years ago that shaped the current world. An infamous pirate named Soul decided to rebel against the High Government. He was so dominant that people were saying the current era was his, "Pirate Soul's Era." The government won the war and decided to remove his name from history. They did that by creating the concept of Pirate Souls era. An era that supposedly started after the war. The era represents the burning souls of new pirates sailing for adventure. But the truth is that Pirate Souls era refers to the era of the pirate named Soul.

They want to remove Soul from the history book because if people find out why he decided to rebel, things will go really bad for the High Government. The piece of paper players can find in Hajiwari is a clue to get to this secret. The old members of the Bandana crew tried to get to Hajiwari in order to restore the truth, but were stopped in Rhum Island, causing another war. That's why Rhum Island is messed up.

The player's quest is to find out what secret the High Government wants to hide.


What's already done:

In Hajiwari, three pieces of paper are hidden in a chest. They reveal this information: "Pirate Souls era is a lie. Soul was the name of a pirate."

On Rhum Island, the old man talks a bit about knowing some members of the pirate crew that fought in the war.


What to do:

Link the story to a Revolutionary Army and find a way to introduce the revolutionaries at the Marines' Fortress.

Hajiwari already has a fair load of quests. The main storyline should mainly take place on Rhum Island and the Marines' Fortress.


Thanks for your interest!

@Dareem this may interest you 🙏

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