4th Profession?

Son Wukong

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(DISCLAIMER: I’m writing this all on my phone so forgive me for the lack of pictures and typos. Also there may be spoilers to the one piece anime)


All professions so far have been additional ways to add to the gameplay as well as filling different roles for your crew imo. 

When thinking of what could be added that would impact the games pve and pvp. Musician is the first thing to come to mind.

The Musicians role would be to apply debuffs, being the second profession to actually have its own abilities. My idea would be that while casting you’re unable to move or you’ll cancel the ability that way debuffing players would leave you open to receive attacks as well.


The abilities: 

I haven’t thought of any names for these abilities so I’ll just mark them as skills.

Skill 1:

(aoe) Player, plays a song that reduces speed to all targets in the area. This ability could be used to slow down mobs that way it’s easier to kite them as well as catching up to other players or stop them from catching up to you. This debuff would obviously need to be balanced well maybe 10% debuff to speed? Nothing gaming breaking.


Skill 2:

(aoe) Player, plays a song that reduces healing affects to all targets in the area. This is a direct counter to medics, from what I heard from some in the discord medic seems to be the best for pvp situations. I’m not a fan of nerfing things, but I do think other professions should be brought up to its level. What other way to do it by diversifying professions so it fits a rock , paper scissor method?


Skill 3:

(aoe) Player, plays a song that silences targets in the area. If you haven’t noticed already this would be more of a supporting type of profession as well as more team focused. It isn’t directly good for 1v1s or solo grinding. The silence would be huge in a crew battle or if you and a friend are fighting a boss, being able to silence would definitely give you a lot of free time to get off attacks or refill energy.

When making this idea I didn’t want this profession to have any buffs because I figured that should remain the cooks job while musicians are kind of the opposite. Right now there doesn’t feel like there’s any true way to be a support type of character other than going medic.

With all that said I really hope to get some genuine feedback not just shooting down the idea because you don’t like it. Let’s bounce ideas off of one another and make this game great!.

PS: I think all these skills should range from 10-15 tile

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