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Last year has been a rich year for Pirate Souls. In July, we released the alpha version of the game and the community answered to the call. Thanks to them, we found major bugs and improved the game experience. In October, the alpha was finally stable and we decided to focus on the beta. With all the progress we have done, we are glad to announce that we target this summer for the beta release.

Pirate Souls New Island Preview



The beta will add new maps, quests, bosses, techniques and features. One of the features we are the most excited about is the crew alliance one. With crew alliance, pirates will be able to join their forces to compete against the marines. Marines will have a global organization, which is like one big alliance. Some of the features we were considering for the beta may not be done in time if we want to release it this year. As we were progressing on the game, we realized that the boat navigation system will be a big challenge. We don't know if it will be done for this summer, but we will try to.




The beta does more than expanding Pirate Souls' universe. It also improves what is already existing. For example, NPCs logic has been improved. They can now cast projectiles in 360 degrees and fighting them is more intuitive as they give hint on when and how they will attack. Techniques’ logic has also been improved. We now have more freedom over what kind of technique we can create. For example, the leopard Soul Fruit Claws Strike technique now moves forward the player and then cast the attack. This is just one little example of what we made possible. We cannot wait to show you more!

Pirate Souls High Level Swordsman Technique

Pirate Souls Ice Spikes Soul Fruit Technique


The alpha version of Pirate Souls is still available.
Thanks for your time,


Disclaimer: This is an old topic, the original release date is Jan 7th, 2022 on indieDB

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