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Found 1 result

  1. This idea is comes from another suggestion but I think its a better fit as a profession than a class and I will try and explain how I think a tamer profession can fit into the game and how it could benefit all players and reward the ones that actually picks the profession over players that have not. 1. A player that picks the beast tamer profession would gain the ability to tame all the beast in the game including bosses. 2. A beast tamer would be able to use any tamed beast to fight alongside them. 3. Beast tamers would be giving a skill to tame beast which would scale with their energy stat, the higher their energy and profession level the greater the chance of a successful tame. 4. Non tamers would also be able to use tamed beast but not the tamable bosses. (bosses would be beast tamer only tames) 5. All tames would have a base stat number with bosses having slightly better stats than their normal version. (20% or so better stats) 6. Apart from all tames having their base stats, each stat would have a 1-10% random generated stat buff to make no two tames the exact same. (Optional) Tames can also have a very rare (1/500) varying version from normal that have a 5-15% stat buff to make players that want to farm them over and over feel rewarded for doing so. 7. In order to balance out this system, all tames would have an energy stat requirement in order to use them. (example 10 energy for a boar and 50 for an eagle) 8. All Summoning skills would go on cooldown only when the tame is recalled or dies. (Optional) When a player have a tame out, they have an energy reduction debuff which can be 20% of the tames stat requirement. Potential Skills(Optional) Buff tame: tamer puts a buff on their tame for a short time. Sacrifice tame: the tamer kills their tame to buff themselves. Share pain: The tame take some of the damage that the timer would have taken. As you can see I tryed to give the base idea without over complicating it but at the same time I tryed to fix all the potential problems I can see that would off balance the profession from the others but at the same time keeping it relevant as a profession to use as a main character and not just an alt slave. We only have two beast that are bosses right now but more may be coming in the future to make tamers main more versatile in combat and at the same time maintaining a balance build and not being overpowered. p.s Their may be some things that I would have missed out but I hope I made it clear for all to understand what i have included also this is just an add-on suggestion and not a must have or need to be added right away to.