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Found 1 result

  1. MARINE DAY On Saturday at 12pm Eastern Standard Time I, Alpha Fleet Admiral and soon to be Beta Fleet Admiral JunPachi will be hosting the very first Marine Day to commemorate a week of the beta being out. Marine day will consist of the following things: 1v1 Tournament 1st Place will receive a grand prize and special role in the marine discord 2nd Place will receive a lesser reward as well as 3rd Place A Foot Race Starting from the very top left of Hajiwara where the Marine Base is located and will end at the Coyote Map so be sure to get the Rope Technique if you haven't. Reward will be soul energy or Note Sheets RULES: PVP MUST BE ON FOR EVERYONE ATTACKING EACH OTHER/KILLING EACH OTHER WILL BE ALLOWED TO PREVENT THEM FROM WINNING THE RACE And finally, we will end the event with pictures and laughter after a good day of fun. IF A GM SUCH AS DONA OR SHENMU CAN HELP WE CAN GET SOME EVENT COUPONS GIVEN OUT FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE EVENT SO MAKE SURE TO TAG THEM AND SPAM THEM