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  1. Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce you that we will finally start to use Pirate Souls’ website/forums to post updates about the state of the game and anything new or upcoming related to it. This means that the bug reports and suggestions won't be done on discord anymore but here instead once the beta releases (the first of July). So let's start with some pretty big news! Hitspark Login Some of you probably already noticed it, but Pirate Souls will use Hitspark account for the beta. Which means that everyone who already has a Nin Online account won't have to create a new one for Pirate Souls. And every new Pirate Souls account (so Hitspark account) can be used to play Nin Online too. This will allow a player who plays both games to switch between them with ease and much more! You can read the rules and guidelines, privacy policy and the terms of service if you need more information. Thanks for your time, Dona