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  1. --> Actually in game <-- - We have 3 classes: Fighter, Swordsman e Sniper. - Fighters doesn’t have weapons with attributes like swordsman and sniper. --> My Ideas <-- - Change the classes’ names to Fighter, Warrior (like a Melee Weapons Master) and Shooter. - Add new weapons, to fighters (like special/spiritual gloves/socks) to warrior (like heavy weapons, Murakumogiris, baseball bats) to shooter (assault rifles, precision rifles, robot arms). - Weapons that adds attributes to fighters (like the gloves adds damage to punches and socks adds damage to kicks). -> Class Specialization Fighters When the fighter reaches an especific level, he can choose in one of theses classes: - Puncher (focus in gloves), - Kicker (focus in socks), - Pugilist (focus in combos like the actual fighters, and uses socks/gloves), - SkyFighter (focus in dials, the shells of skypea). Warrior When the warrior reaches an especific level, he can choose in one of theses classes: - Swordsman (focus in swords), - Heavyman (heavy weapons like hammers, murakumogiris), - SkyWarrior (focus in spears with heat dials, like shura), - Streetman (focus in baseball bats). Shooter When the shooter reaches an especific level, he can choose in one of theses classes: - Slinger (focus in slingshots), - Gunslinger (focus in pistols), - Fireman (focus in rifles) e - Half-Cyborg (focus in robotic arms, that shoots lasers and have munitions of soda). -> Haki/Mantra (or other name) Physic Mantra (Armament Haki) 2 techniques: - One that cover the whole body and adds defence like this - And one that cover the weapons and adds strength like theses Vision Mantra (Observation Haki) 1 technique: - When activated, and when the user takes hit, he automatically teleport to back of the target and recieve 0 damage. - Huge cooldown. Sorry about my bad english, I'm Brazillian and I'm not fluent in english yet.