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  1. In our latest article about the alpha release, we wrote about the fact that we still need to work on end-game content and that bounty system is going to be one of our main concern. We are finally ready to show off some previews of it. However, before going into the bounty system, we would like to thank everyone who played the alpha. We had a lot of positive feedback and great criticisms. Here are some pictures of the exploration side of the game. A side we didn't put forward so far. PIRATE SOULS BOUNTY SYSTEM After a certain level, everyone can put a bounty on the head of everyone. Putting a bounty on someone is a way to convert berries (game currency) into reputation points. Those points are used to rank pirates and marines. The highest-ranking players will have specific titles such as supernovas, warlords, etc. People who want to obtain great rank don’t have to be scared to lose their bounty because it is the reputation points that matter and you can’t lose them by dying. Reputation Points You kill one person in a danger zone; his level is added to your current reputation point and bounty. You get killed in a danger zone; you don’t lose your reputation points, but your bounty gets halved. Bounty You put a bounty on the head of someone; You get half of the bounty you put as reputation points. Once the person with a bounty on his head die and you are online; you get the other half of the bounty you put as reputation points. The person who killed him get half of his bounty as berries and the bounty of the person who died is halved. When X days pass after you put a bounty on the head of someone, you don't get reputation points if that person dies. You cannot add a bounty to a member of your crew. The best strategy is to put a bounty on the head of someone you are going to kill. However, if you don’t like PVP but want a great rank, you can still grind berries and put bounties on the head of active players who are most likely going to die. We thought about possible ways to abuse that system and here are the restrictions we implemented in order to fix those exploits.   Exploits Fixes Limit the amount of bounty that can be added in someone head per day depending on the one getting the bounty level. Limit the amount of time you can add a bounty to someone head per day depending on the level of the one who is putting the bounty. You can only get reputation points once every X time when you kill someone. If you kill him again before the X time is completed, you won’t gain the reputation points, but you will still get his bounty / 2. If someone has battle injuries and you kill him, you won’t gain anything (no bounty and no reputation points). It doesn’t even count as a PVP kill if the killer or the victim has battle injuries. With all of this added, it will be more efficient to just play the game like intended. There are still some exploits that need to be fixed, but that's what we thought about for now. If you have suggestions or any feedback, please consider joining our discord. Have a nice day and thanks for your time, Shenmue Disclaimer: This is an old topic, the original release date is Aug 17th, 2021 on indieDB